• The way you felt when you found out about this will not last.
  • Try not to overdose on reading about your cancer on the internet.
  • Worrying harder won’t change the outcome, so let up.
  • Baldness is comfortable, convenient and temporary.
  • Walking is a tonic.
  • Play: Heal.
  • Stay strong through your treatments (eat, drink, rest…).
  • Acupuncture for body and mind.
  • You are not guilty of anything because this happened. Half of everyone gets cancer. The other half gets something else.
  • Turn your fear into curiosity.
  • Wellness is not a destination. It’s a practice, and you’re already on the continuum.
  • Take the weekends “off”.
  • Believe that every hand that touches you is a healing hand.
  • Know that you can do this.

Photo credit my own.